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Medical Shirt Care Package


Note: Only shirts that are the same size will be able to MIX & MATCH, FRONT & BACK.

Medical Shirt Request

When you request your Medical Shirts (3), we send them in a Care Package. You choose your size and style, then checkout through the cart – just like normal shopping. The Care Package items listed below and your Medical Shirts are shipped to you by priority mail. There are no charges for shipping or care packages thanks to our generous donors!

LFB Medical Shirts make a difference!

•  Comes in an infection control sealed bag
•  Meets quality control standards
•  Snaps up and down each side, comes apart into 2 pieces
•  Allows easy access to IVs, port, and lines
•  3″ longer than a normal t-shirt, like the length of a hospital gown
•  Enables privacy for patients and restores dignity
•  Promotes normalcy
•  Meets hospital requirements
•  MRI and X-ray safe
•  No tags on the shirt
•  Fun and inspiring to wear

Luke’s FastBreaks supports children, adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cancer or chronic/extended illnesses. We strive to promote normalcy and restore dignity during treatment by replacing the hospital gown with our unique Medical Shirts.

While we wish we could send shirts to adults, at this time our Mission and donors are focused on the above mentioned, in ages of 0-21 yrs old. If you are an adult and would like to purchase a shirt, please contact us at request@lukesfastbreaks.org.

Unfortunately, we are not able to fulfill orders outside of the 48 states of US.


Medical Shirts for Patients

What’s in our Care Package?

• 3 medical shirts • pair of socks • roll-up blanket • tumbler with straw • wristband • clear zip tote, with fun activities to promote positive coping during treatment! Each patient can customize their care package and MUST CHOOSE 3 MEDICAL SHIRTS to checkout. We ship care packages within 24-48 hours of your request. You will receive an email notification with a tracking number as well as delivery confirmation. Care packages should be delivered within 5-7 days. If you request a care package and have not received it within 7 days, please contact us at request@lukesfastbreaks.org.

Why did Luke choose these items?


I created this shirt when I was sick because I did not like the hospital gown. I want you to have one too!


Having a comfortable pair of socks is so important. I was inside so much and having great socks with some light grip really helped me while I moved through the hospital and even in my house.


Everyone, sick or not, likes a good blanket! The one we chose is just the right weight. The blanket has its own story for me because it was a gift from a stranger when I was first admitted into the hospital. My mother was in the waiting room while I was doing a procedure, and a woman came up to my mom and gave her a blanket she had made. She said that God told her that I needed the blanket and she wanted my mom to give it to me. I used that blanket throughout my entire treatment. It is a nice blanket, but it is special because someone gave it to me out of love and support. I hope the LFB blanket gives you the same feeling.


The right water bottle with the right straw really helps during hospital stays. Watching your water levels is important to help track fluids. Our water bottle is bright, insulated and lets you see how you are doing with fluids.


During my treatment, I wore a bracelet with encouraging words to help keep a positive attitude. Our LFB bracelets are designed to help you stay positive. I still wear mine today!


Of course you need a cool bag to carry all your LFB gear!

History of LFB Medical Shirts



Our first medical shirt was the shirt that Luke wore during his treatments. It snapped up both sides to the armpit. We used lots of colors to choose from in our designs.



We realized we needed to alter the shirt for easier access. This second shirt design snapped up both sides to the armpit and from the neck to the end of the top arm sleeve. We used neon shirt colors for our designs.



These shirts are almost the best we have produced! They come apart into two separate pieces and can be accessed from either side. We decided on gray colored shirts with fun colors for our designs.



Mix & Match, Front & Back! Yes you can unsnap these shirts into 2 pieces and mix colors to create one of a kind shirts. Show them off and tag us on social media!



Child Life Specialist

The feedback of the shirts has been extremely positive from both families and healthcare providers. I know nurses found these incredibly beneficial. We are also finding that compliance has increased becasue the child does not need to remove their top. These are a HUGE asset!



Chayse is in the hospital most of the time now and these shirts make accessing his port so much easier. He HATES anyone lifting up his shirt and looking or accessing his port.



Thank you to Luke’s FastBreaks for sending Grayson this awesome shirt. It makes it so much easier for him to have his port accessed, especially when the nurses come into the room at night.



Abigail’s stress of port accesses is greatly reduced due to Luke’s FastBreaks. They allow her to not have to remove her shirt! Thank you!



A favorite when we have to go for biopsies; makes life so much easier! We can’t wait to share this shirt with another warrior we know.



Great organization and idea! My son (8) had been chilling in his underwear for the past month to avoid fighting with the hospital gown! This shirt is genius and so appreciated!



We were gifted some really AWESOME port shirts from Luke’s FastBreaks! Lukas loved his new shirt today, it made getting accessed and deaccessed much easier. He hates taking his shirt off, so being able to just pull a side down makes for less crying!



It’s crazy how much you take for granted when you don’t eat through a G-tube and breathe through a vent. Clothes are hard to find!