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Shirt Return Policy


CarePackage Policy

This is our policy regarding carepackages and medical shirts.

We will send you – 1 CAREPACKAGE PER YEAR, per patient.
If you have already received a carepackage and need more shirts, we will send you 3 MEDICAL SHIRTS every 3 MONTHS, per patient.

If you are at a hospital or receiving treatments, ask your Child Life Specialist for a shirt. We send shirts to hospitals across the US for distribution. Those shirts do not count towards the requests made on our site.

If you would like more Medical Shirts or Carepackages, they are available for purchase as well.
Medical Shirts = $25 each  •   Carepackages = $100 each
Please contact request@lukesfastbreaks.org for information.

Policy on Ordering & Returns

This notice is to inform you of our policy and allow us to continue to serve all patients to the best of our ability with donated funds.

Luke’s FastBreaks Medical Shirts come in a sealed, infection control bag from the factory. Once the shirt bag has been opened, we are unable to restock the shirt and use it for another patient.

Please check the size chart before ordering your shirts.
Our medical shirts run bigger than a normal t-shirt.

When we receive your order we check:
1. Patient’s age
2. Sizes ordered to ensure they are a close fit with age.

If we think your child’s age and shirt size do not match, we may email you to confirm. You should only be ordering ONE SIZE for your child. We do realize sometimes all shirt sizes are not available and you may want a different design, but there should be no circumstance to order more than ONE size apart. You can request 3 new shirts every 3 months for growth.
NOTE: We do not ship medical shirts to parents or siblings, please do not order those in the request. Medical shirts replace hospital gowns; they have snaps up each side so ports, lines and ivs can be accessed easily, and wearing in xRays and MRIs.

Luke’s FastBreaks supports children, adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cancer or chronic/extended illnesses. We strive to promote normalcy and restore dignity during treatment by replacing the hospital gown with our unique Medical Shirts.

While we wish we could send shirts to adults, at this time our Mission and donors are focused on the above mentioned, in ages of 0-21 yrs old. If you are an adult and would like to purchase a shirt, please contact us at request@lukesfastbreaks.org.