About Luke’s Fastbreaks

Our Mission Statement

Luke’s FastBreaks is a nonprofit organization that supports pediatric cancer patients by providing colorful medical shirts that replace the hospital gowns along with giving support to family members and hospital staff.

Luke’s Story

Luke is a 12-year old cancer survivor. When Luke was 9-years old he came up with the idea for the Luke’s FastBreaks medical shirts while receiving treatment in the hospital as he fought Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Luke told his parents wearing hospital gowns made him “feel more sick” — he just wanted to feel normal. Luke and his parents cut up the sides of his t-shirts then sewed in snaptape on each side. Luke wore his new shirts to treatment at Cook Children’s Medical Center (Fort Worth, Texas). Soon after the other pediatric patients started asking where they could get one.

Now Luke’s FastBreaks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that donates colorful medical shirts in toddler, youth and adult sizes to hospitals and Ronald McDonald House Charities across the country. Luke’s FastBreaks is currently in 20 states, 35 cities and 46 hospitals and Ronald McDonald House Charities – to see the full list of partnering hospitals and Ronald McDonald House Charities click here

The Luke’s FastBreaks Medical Shirts

The Luke’s FastBreaks medical shirts have snaps up and down each side and along the top of the shoulder to allow easy access to a patient’s IVs, port and lines.  The medical shirts are about 3 inches longer than a normal t-shirt—to match a similar length as a hospital gown—enabling privacy while wearing the medical shirt and meeting hospital requirements.  Our shirts are MRI and X-ray safe, so no patient ever has to change into a hospital gown.

Luke’s medical shirts encourage comfort, normalization and privacy that traditional hospital gowns cant provide, while also boosting patient’s self-esteem allowing for self-expression with the different colors and designs of the medical shirts.  Doctors, Child Life Specialists and many other disciplines in the hospital promote Luke’s FastBreaks to promote positive psychosocial development during a patient’s stay and encourage normalization.

The Luke’s FastBreaks Team

Luke Lange
Founder and Cancer Survivor

“Early on during my treatment I told my parents wearing the hospital gown made me feel even sicker. I just wanted to feel like a normal kid. With that in mind we designed a long shirt with snaps along each side for me to wear in the hospital.  Soon all the other kids in the hospital started asking where could they get one too, and that’s how Luke’s FastBreaks started.”

Ben Lange

Our family decided to start LFB’s (medical shirts) because of how it helped our son Luke feel better about himself during his stays in the hospital without having to wear a “hospital gown.” Many kids and their family members continually asked where they could get a shirt like this? Once Luke kicked Cancer we were able to focus and began making shirts to give away to others fighting this disease. Fighting Cancer or any disease is a mental fight just as much as a physical fight and we found these shirts truly make people feel better about themselves during these difficult times.

Tracy Lange

Watching Luke go through treatment and the impact his shirts had on his attitude as well as those around him inspired Tracy to help Luke take the shirt to other patients. Luke’s just wanted to feel normal during this abnormal time in his life. The shirt gives patients a sense of normalcy and control; which are often lost during treatment.

Evelyn Costolo
Executive Director

Evelyn is passionate for children and families dealing with cancer. She has spent the last 8 years working to ensure better treatments and a higher quality of life for cancer patients around the country. Combining her passion and over 18 years of nonprofit experience, she is a voice for the kids effected by this terrible disease.

Rebecca Nickens, CCLS
Program Director

Rebecca graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She obtained her Certification as a Child Life Specialist in 2015 and worked at Texas Children‘s Hospital in Houston, Texas before relocating to Dallas.

As Luke’s FastBreaks program director, she is excited to apply the knowledge she acquired as a Child Life Specialist to continue to support patients and families in the hospital.

“During treatment in the hospital, many pediatric patients lose their sense of independence and control, normalcy and privacy. The FastBreak snaps on Luke‘s medical shirts provides them with the option to wear a Luke’s medical shirt that looks like any other t-shirt, doesn’t require them to undress for procedures and gives back some of the control they have lost due to hospitalization.”

Luke’s FastBreaks Employer Identification Number: 81-1337763