3rd Grade Cancer Survivor Develops Shirt For Chemo Patients — FOX4 KDFW

https://youtu.be/XXUybL_M2BY Published on Apr 8, 2016 (www.lukesfastbreaks.com) No one likes the hospital gown. For Luke, this made him feel even worse and more depressed. He wanted to feel more “normal”. He wanted to wear his normal clothes during treatments. Luke had an idea. He took 4 of his athletic shirts and worked with a tailor to modify them. The shirts would still look and fit normal just like he was going out to play or practice sports. However, these shirts were now modified snaps down both sides. These snaps easily unfasten allowing the doctors and staff easy access necessary to perform Luke’s cancer treatments. It worked just as well as the gown without the discomfort or embarrassment. Luke’s FastBreaks creates treatment friendly shirts for patients undergoing cancer therapy. Inspired by Luke Lange’s own experience while fighting cancer during the 3rd Grade, Luke’s FastBreaks shirts replace the traditional hospital gowns for patients while in treatment. Thank you to KDFW FOX4 for featuring Luke’s FastBreaks in their Hometown Heroes segment.