How it works:

The Luke’s FastBreaks medical shirts have snaps up and down each side and along the top of the shoulder to allow easy access to a patient’s IVs, port and lines.  The medical shirts are about 3 inches longer than a normal t-shirt—to match a similar length as a hospital gown—enabling privacy while wearing the medical shirt and meeting hospital requirements. Our shirts are MRI and X-ray safe, so no patient ever has to change into a hospital gown.

Luke’s medical shirts encourage comfort, normalization and privacy that traditional hospital gowns can’t provide, while also boosting patient’s self-esteem allowing for self-expression with the different colors and designs of the medical shirts. Doctors, Child Life Specialists and many other disciplines in the hospital promote Luke’s FastBreaks to promote positive psychosocial development during a patient’s stay and encourage normalization.

Our Medical Shirt Care Packages consist of items such as:

a cup

a blanket


a medical shirt

and other items donated.

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