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Luke Pritchett Memorial

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Luke Pritchett went home to be with Jesus on the Feast of All Saints after a seven month-long battle with leukemia. Luke had the brightest smile you’ve ever seen and the driest sense of humor. His laugh was infectious! He was a bookworm, a gamer, and a music-lover. He always wanted to be cozy and was rarely seen without one of his favorite hoodies.

He is a beloved son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend, and he is greatly missed by all those who knew him.

♥️ The LFB Care Package Story! ♥️
How Luke Pritchett got his medical shirts!

     When Luke was diagnosed with ALL, he was living overseas in Israel, away from his extended family (and in the midst of a COVID lockdown). His Aunt Lala found Luke’s Fastbreaks through a friend, and asked for the medical shirts. The care package was sent over to Israel with his Aunt Sissy. His mom and he shared the fleece blanket on many a hospital and clinic visit. And Luke wore the Fastbreak shirts when he needed to receive chemo. The Israeli staff was very impressed by the snap design and took a lot of pictures! lol. We really appreciated the care package and the thoughtful gifts included in it.
      After Luke died, we were thinking about a fundraiser that would allow the kids that knew him to be involved in something they could “see and do,” instead of just donating money to research. We decided to do a read-a-thon with book donations, because Luke loved reading, and chose Luke’s Fastbreaks to be the beneficiary of any money raised. We want the organization to be able to continue to provide kids with a little cheer through their care packages.