February 2017

Casey Carr and Jenna Hoppock

Wesley Children’s Hospital (Wichita, Kansas)

Every month we recognize Child Life Specialists from across the country who serve children in their toughest days. This month when we visited Wesley Medical Center (Wichita, Kansas) two Child Life Specialists stood out. Meet Casey and Jenna.

Both chose to become Child Life Specialists because they wanted to work with children and felt that the medical field was a good fit–especially after hearing about the role of child life specialists within hospitals. If you walk the halls with these two you’ll find their smiles are contagious and they easily light up the rooms of their patients as they get on each patient’s level and asking how their day is going. These two encourage and energize their pediatric patients with the manner in which they choose to serve them.

When we asked Casey and Jenna their reaction to hearing about the Luke’s FastBreaks hospital gown replacement medical shirts this is what they told us.

“We need them,” said Casey Carr. “Walking into all the teen rooms today you see the guys that have their shirts off — they hate our gowns. Half the time they don’t even want to walk the halls (of the hospital) when they need to be just because they don’t want to be wearing the gowns. So we need these for our teens.”

Thank you for what you do Casey & Jenna. We hope your patients enjoy the medical shirts!